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At Grow and Learn preschool we pride ourselves in being a curriculum based preschool.  We have adopted the Zoo Phonics program as the base for our curriculum.  Zoo Phonics is a program that uses animal themes to teach children the sound of each letter in the alphabet.  Each letter is assigned an animal, action, and a sound.  Children are using both sides of the brain by saying the sound and doing the movement which locks the shapes and sounds into their memory.  We focus mainly on lowercase letters because 95% of letter usage is lowercase.  We also focus mainly on the sound of the letter before the actual letter because you read by sight not sound.
Every letter is assigned a number in the Zoo Phonics program.  Our 3 year olds classes write numbers 1-10 and our Pre-K and advanced classes write 1-26.  We count much higher in school by counting calendar, counting to our 100th day of school, and much more.
In addition to working on letters and numbers we are continually working on shapes, colors, and name writing.  All of these things are what we believe are the basic skills and beyond to enter Kindergarten.  Most of our Pre-K classes are going home with Kindergarten work.
Our curriculum is planned out for the entire school year.  Each art project, science project, paper, etc.. goes with what we are learning.  This is a curriculum we have been working on for over 12 years now and we know it works.  Children who graduate from Grow and Learn are excelling in their Kindergarten classes and beyond.
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